Australian Native Nursery

Australian native gardens attract interesting native creatures.

Here are two interesting native creatures attracted to our garden and native plant nursery this week.

Golden Orb Spiders.

These Golden Orb Spiders are a friendly addition to gardens.  Their venom is not lethal to humans.  Any reaction would be a bit of local pain and blisters that disappear in one day.  These spiders are found in many parts of the world, not just in the southwest of Western Australia.  Research has indicated that they grow bigger in areas where there is human habitation.  One suggestion is that this is where there is more food available to them.

My problem is that they often like to build their webs across a pathway.  Their webs are difficult to see, particularly at night or when the sun is not shining on them.  I walked into this one twice on two consecutive nights, almost completely destroying the web .  I did not hear any swearing from the spider, but I can imagine what she might have said!  I have now tied coloured string around the nearby posts to stop human access through her web.

Bearded Dragon.

Bearded Dragons used to be very common in the area in which we live.  Unfortunately us humans are too keen on clearing bushland and so removing their habitat.  However, our garden is becoming increasingly full of a great range of Australian native plants.  Hopefully these are providing an improved environment for these lovely creatures.