Australian Native Nursery


Australian Native Nursery has been helping West Australian’s get the most from their garden for nearly 20 years. At our family-0wned and run Oakford nursery, we grow over 2500 Australian native plant species, as tubestock through to 23Lt rocket pots. We have a huge range of groundcovers, wildflowers, trees and shrubs to choose from, all labelled with detailed information and picture to help you choose the right plant for your garden.

Our passion for the native plants we grow doesn't end when they leave the nursery. We want to ensure they continue to thrive, so we use a slow release, environmentally friendly, native plant fertilizer that will continue to release nutrients after the plants have left the nursery. We can also supply fertilizer, potting mix, planting tools and tree guards for you to take home, as well as expert advice on propagation, growing, landscaping and rehabilitation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you create a beautiful and sustainable native garden with quality plants and nothing but rainfall, the occasional pruning and a decent layer of mulch.

Here's what the judges said about us when we won the 2011 Best Small Garden Center in Western Australia award:

"A very environmentally sustainable nursery that encourages visitors to consider the bigger picture on landscaping.  The rainwater tank services the small cafe area and toilet.  The green stock is of such high quality and kept at a very affordable price, that it encourages people to purchase more plants.  The diversity of plants available is fantastic.  The information given to customers is outstanding."

Come and stroll through our nursery and experience the joy of Australian native plants, or read more about our accreditations and affiliates.