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Below is a  list is all the species we have available for sale at this present time.  They are all in forestry tubes @ $5.00 ea,

Some are also available in larger pot sizes - prices and sizes as indicated .

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More species will be available for sale over the next few months.

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Updated on  September 30, 2017 5:24 pm .

Botanical NameCommon NameHabitFlowerSoil EnvironmentNotesComments
Acacia acuminata Rasberry Jam Wattletree,shrub 6-10m h x 3-5m wFlw:yellow ball Dec to feb Fol:greenSand,CoastalShade, Shelter, Posts, craft wood, Sandalwood host
Acacia acuminata has edible seeds and an edible gum. Seeds, essence, add to icecream, bread and cakes.
Acacia aphylla Leafless Rock Wattletree 0.9-3m h x 2m wFlw:yellow Aug to OctSand,Loam,Gravel,ClayRare and endangered
Acacia cochlearis Rigid WattleHardy erect to sprawling shrub 0.5-3m h x 1-2m wFlw:yellow July - OctoberSand,CoastalEdible seeds, essence, add to icecream, bread and cakes.
Acacia colletioides Wait-a-While, Pin Bushrigid, spreading shrub 0.5-3m h x 3m wFlw:yellow July - September Fol:PricklyAdaptable
Acacia denticulosa Sandpaper WattleErect, diffuse, spindly shrub 1-4m h x 3-4m wFlw:yellow September - OctoberSand,Loam,Clay
Acacia extensa Wiry Wattleerect, slender shrub 1-2m h x 1-2m wFlw:yellow August - OctoberSand,Gravel,MoistResistant to dieback
Roasted seeds can be added to icecream, bread and cakes.
Acacia glaucoptera FlatWattle, Clay Wattleprostrate or shrub 0.3-1.2m h x 2-3m wFlw:yellow Aug - DecGravel,Clay
Acacia huegelii semi-prostrate to erect, spiny shrub 0.1-1m hFlw:white, cream October - FebruarySand,Gravel,CoastalDrought tolerant
Acacia lasiocalyx Silver Wattleopen, often weeping shrub or tree 1.5-7m h x 4-6m wFlw:yellow July - OctoberGravel
Acacia ligustrina spreading shrub or tree 1.5-3.5m hFlw:yellow August - OctoberLoam,Gravel,Clay
Acacia meisneri Blue WattleDense shrub 1-4m high. 1-4m hFlw:Yellow November to DecemberSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay
Acacia merinthophora weeping shrub or tree 1.5-4m h x 3-4m wFlw:yellow May - SeptemberSand,Gravel
Acacia microbotrya Manna Wattle, Gum Wattlebushy shrub or tree 1.5-7m h x 2-5m wFlw:pale yellow March - JulyLoam,ClayWeed in the Swan NRM Region - Refer to Florbase. It has an edible gum. The seeds can be roasted and added to icecream, bread and cakes.
Acacia multispicata Low multi-branched shrub 0.2-2.5m high. Flw:Yellow March - OctoberSand
Acacia redolens spreading shrub or tree 0.5-3m h x 3-8m wFlw:yellow August - OctoberSand,ClayThe seed can be roasted and added to icecream, bread and cakes.
Tolerates saline conditions
Vanilla scented flowers.
Acacia rostellifera Summer-scented wattle or skunk treedense shrub or tree 1-6m h x 2-4m wFlw:yellow July - DecemberSand,CoastalFast growing privacy Screen
Acacia rostellifera has an edible gum.
Acacia saligna Golden Wreath Wattle, Orange WattleDense, often weeping shrub or tree 1.5-6m h x 3-6m wFlw:yellow July - NovemberCoastal,Moist,AdaptableLive for 5..10years. Host for Sandalwood
Acacia saligna has edible seeds. They can be roasted and added to icecream, bread and cakes.
Black Cockatoo : Food
Acacia trachycarpa Spreading shrub or tree. 1-4 m high Flw:Fl. Yellow May to Oct Fol:Bark 'minni-ritchi'Sand,Gravel
Acmena smithii Lilly Pillytree 6-20m h x 3-5m wFlw:white October - MarchAdaptableEdible berries.
Adenanthos cuneatus low formCoastal Jugflowererect or spreading shrub 0.3-3m h x 3m wFlw:dark red, pink Aug-NovSand,Coastal
Adenanthos cunninghamii Albany WoollybushShrub 1-2m h x 1.5-3m wFlw:red-pink Mar - OctSand,CoastalThis is a natural hybrid between the Albany Woolly Bush (Adenanthos sericea) and our local Woolly Bush (Adenanthos cygnorum). It is attractive and tough.
Adenanthos meisneri erect or semi-prostrate shrub 0.2-1.5m h x 1-2m wFlw:red, pink, purple, cream July - AprilSand,Gravel
Adenanthos obovatus Basket Flowererect, lignotuberous shrub 0.3-1.5m h x 1m wFlw:red scarlet, orange, red May - DecemberSand,Loam,Gravel,MoistA slender, many-stemmed shrub which grows to 1m and has narrow dark green leaves. The scarlet flowers appear in sprays throughout the winter months.
Adenanthos sericeus Woollybushnon-lignotuberous shrub or tree 0.5-5m h x 2-4m wFlw:red, orange June - AprilGravel,Coastal
Agonis flexuosa nana Dwarf Willow Myrtleshrub weeping 1-3m h x 1-3m wFlw:White spring-summerSand,Gravel,CoastalCommon hedging plant
Agrostocrinum scabrum Blue Grass Lilytufted perennial herb 0.2-1m h x 0.3m wFlw:blue with blue/black anthers Aug - Dec
Allocasuarina humilis Dwarf Sheoakerect or spreading shrub 0.2-2m h x 1.5-2m wFlw:red, orange, brown May - NovemberSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal
Alyogyne hakeifolia Erect, slender shrub. 1-3m hFlw:blue, purple, cream, yellow May, Aug - FebSand,Loam,Gravel,CoastalRoots can be eaten after baking in hot ashes.
Alyxia buxifolia Sea Box, Dysentery Busherect, rigid or spreading shrub 1-3m hFlw:white, cream, orange January - DecemberCoastal,Adaptable
Anigozanthos Bush Gold Rhizomatous, perennial herb 1.2m hFlw:Gold SpringAdaptableDisease resistant with long life span.
Good as a pot plant, cut flower
Anigozanthos Carnival
Anigozanthos flavidus Redtall red kangaroo pawTallRhizomatous. perennial. Herb 0.5-1m h x 0.5-1m wFlw:red nov to janSand,Gravel,Clay,Moist,AdaptableA long -lived species which forms large bushy clumps of strappy leaves. It has long flowering stems up to 2m high. It is an excellent specimen plant when grown in clumps and is bird attracting.
Anigozanthos Golden Girl Leaves to 1m , flws 1.5m tall. 1.5m h x 1m wFlw:Orange Spring Fol:Strappy GreenAdaptableLandscape plants.
Pot plants
Cut flowers.
Anigozanthos viridis Green Kangaroo PawRhizomatous, perennial herb 0.05-0.85m h x 0.5m wFlw:green, yellow August - OctoberSand,Loam,ClayTolerates winter wet areas
Anthocercis viscosa Sticky Tailflowershrub 0.5-3m hFlw:white, cream May/August - FebruarySand,GravelHighly perfumed flowers
Astartea clavulata x astarteoidesWinter PinkSmall upright shrub. 1m h x 1m wFlw:Pink SpringSand,Loam
Atriplex amnicola Swamp saltbushspreading branched shrub. 0.3-1.7m hSand,Clay,CoastalSpecies of Atriplex have the common name of 'Salt Bush'. They are plants of the dry interior but a few are native to coastal districts. There are approximately 40 species in Australia and some can been boiled and used as a green vegetable. Some have been used in Chinese cooking to give a salty bitter taste.
Atriplex vesicaria Bladder Saltbusherect shrub. 0.3-1m h x 1-2m wSand,Gravel,Clay,CoastalSpecies of Atriplex have the common name of 'Salt Bush'. They are plants of the dry interior but a few are native to coastal districts. There are approximately 40 species in Australia and some have been boiled and used as a green vegetable. Some have been used in Chinese cooking to give a salty bitter taste.
Baeckea grandis shrub. 0.1-0.5m hFlw:white/pink Sep to DecSand,Gravel
Baeckea virgata Shrub 2m h x 2m wFlw:White SummerAdaptableTea made from the leaves produces a pleasant drink with a good aroma.
Banksia ashbyi Ashby's BanksiaSmall tree or shrub 1-8m hFlw:yellow-orange Feb to DecSand,CoastalA spectacular bird attracting specimen plant. That can also be used for cut flowers
Black Cockatoo : good food source
Banksia attenuata Coast Banksia,Slender Banksiatree or shrub 4-10m h x 3-8m wFlw:yellow Oct to FebSand,Loam,Gravel,CoastalChewing the new growth makes a gum.
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia ericifolia Heath BanksiaTree 2-7m h x 1-2.5m wFlw:red-orange AutunmSand,LoamBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia gardneri Prostrate Banksiaprostrate shrub 0.3m h x 1.5m wFlw:Reddish brown springSand,Loam,GravelBIRD ATTRACTING.
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia grossa Shrub 0.1-1m hFlw:yellow-brown/orange Mar-SepSand,GravelAttractive foliage
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia hookeriana Hooker's or Acorn BanksiaMuch-branched. non-lignotuberous shrub 0.5-3m hFlw:yellow-orange Apr - OctSandBlack Cockatoo : Good Food
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia littoralis Swamp BanksiaTree or shrub 1.5-12m hFlw:yellow/orange-yellow Mar to AugSand,Coastal,MoistBlack Cockatoo : Very good Food source
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia menziesii Dwarf formMenzies' Banksiashrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:pink-red-yellow Feb-OctSand,CoastalBlack Cockatoo : Very good food source
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia occidentalis Waterbush, Red Swamp BanksiaNon-lignotuberous. small tree or shrub. 1-7m hFlw:yellow-orange-red Sep to Dec / Jan to MaySand,MoistBanksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia pilostylis Branched shrub. 0.6-4m h x 3m wFlw:green/yellow, orange/brown Oct to JanuarySand,Loam,MoistBanksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia polycephala Shrub 0.75-4m h x 3m wFlw:cream-yellow Jul-OctSand,Loam,GravelBanksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia prionotes Orange or Acorn Banksia.Non-lignotuberous tree or shrub 10m hFlw:cream & orange Feb to AugSand,Loam,Gravel,ClayBlack Cockatoo : Very good food source
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia squarrosa ssp squarrosa Shrub 1-4m hFlw:Yellow Jun - NovLoam,GravelBlack Cockatoo : Very Good food source
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia telmatiaea Non-lignotuberous shrub 0.5-2m hFlw:yellow-orange/brown Apr to Aug or OctSand,Clay,MoistBanksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Banksia undata Cut Leaf Dryandra ,Urchin DryandraErect shrub 0.9-3m hFlw:yellow July to OctSand,Loam,Gravel,Clayaka Dyrandra praemorsa
Black Cockatoo : Very Good food source
Banksias rarely show deficiency symptoms except when the pH is too high.
Beaufortia bicolor Dense shrub 0.3-1m hFlw:Red, yellow, orange Nov - DecSand
Beaufortia elegans Erect shrub 0.3-1m hFlw:red/purple/pink/white Aug to Dec or Jan to FebSand,Moist
Beaufortia purpurea Pink BottlebrushErect or spreading shrub 0.3-1.5m hFlw:red-purple Oct to Dec or Jan to FebGravel
Beaufortia sparsa Swamp BottlebrushShrub 1-3m hFlw:red-orange Jan to Apr or Sep to NovSand,Moist
Beaufortia squarrosa RedSand BottlebrushShrub 0.5-2m hFlw:red Jan to May or Aug to DecSand,Gravel,Coastal,Moist
Boronia crenulata Aniseed BoroniaShrub 0.25-1m h x 0.75m wFlw:pink-purple-red May to FebSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Shade,Moist,AdaptableA dainty plant with aromatic leaves that is ideal for growing in rockeries or on display in a pot
Boronia scabra Rough BoroniaSmall shrub 0.6m hFlw:Pink Jun-DecSand
Brachychiton acerifolius Illawarra Flame TreeTree 8-20m hFlw:red late spring Fol:deciduousAdaptable
Brachychiton discolour Scrub Bottle Tree, LacebarkErect, straight stem. 10-30m h x 5-6m wFlw:Pink bell shaped Summer Fol:Glossy, Dark Green.Sand,Loam
Brachychiton rupestris Bottle TreeTree 10-20m h x 5-15m wFlw:creamy/white red stripsSand,Loam,Clay,Adaptable
Brachyscome iberidifolia blue flw Erect branching annual 0.05-0.45m hFlw:white,blue,purple July - NovSand,Clay,AdaptableHas some salt tolerance.
Brachyscome multifida Cut-leaf DaisyGroundcover 0.1-0.4m h x 0.2-1m wFlw:purple Most of yearAdaptableIdeal for rockeries, boarders, garden beds
Callistachys lanceolata Greenbush, Native willowErect shrub or tree 3-8m h x 2-5m wFlw:orange-yellow Sep to Dec or JanSand,Moist
Callistemon citrinus Crimson BottlebrushTree or Large Shrub 2-8m h x 2-6m wFlw:crimson nov - marchCoastal,Shade,Moist,Sun,AdaptableWidely cultivated because of its many uses. It’s a beautiful fast growing specimen plant with lovely aromatic foliage. Can be grown in a container or hedged to make a fantastic screen. The flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Callistemon citrinus Endeavour Dense green shrub 2.5m h x 2.5m wFlw:Large red brushes Spring Fol:Bright green.Coastal,AdaptableThe flowers are sucked for their nectar or made into a sweet drink.
Callistemon glaucus Albany BottlebrushSlender. erect shrub 2-3m h x 1.5m wFlw:red/scarlet Sep to DecSand,Loam,Clay,Moist,AdaptableThe flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Callistemon hinchinbrook Small shrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:Red Spring Fol:bronze new grothAdaptableThe flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Callistemon Kings Park Special Shrub 3-5m h x 4m wFlw:red bottle brush SpringAdaptableExcellent as a street tree or small feature tree. Makes a useful screen or beautiful as a tub plant. The flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Callistemon Little John Dense Shrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:Red SpringAdaptableSPECIMEN PLANT, BIRD ATTRACTING, DROUGHT RESISTANT, CONTAINER PLANT
The flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Callistemon pallidus Large shrub. 1-4m h x 2m wFlw:Lilac flowers Winter-SummerAdaptableMoist soils in protected position.
Callistemon phoeniceus Lesser BottlebrushShrub,tree 2-6m h x 3-5m wFlw:Red SpringSand,Gravel,MoistThis plant is tough and long lasting
Tolerant of a wide range of soils and situations.A dense shrub with green/grey leaves and masses of bright red flowers in spring. Excellent screen, hedge and low windbreak.This plant is tough and long lasting. The flowers can be sucked for their nectar and also soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Callistemon pinifolius Pine-leaved BottlebrushShrub 0.5-1.5m h x 2-4m wFlw:yellow/Green or red Fol:Pine likeAdaptableThe flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Callistemon viminalis Prolific Tree,Shrub 5m h x 5m wFlw:Red Spring Fol:Attractive greenAdaptableBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
The flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.
Good for screening, hedge or windbreak
Callitris pyramidalis Swamp Cyprusshrub 1-4m h x 2-5m wFlw:cone January - December Fol:Stiff dark green.Sand,Loam,Moist
Calothamnus gilesii Giles Net-bushErect & compact or spreading shrub 2-4m h x 2-4m wFlw:red Jan to DecSand,Gravel
Calothamnus hirsutus Often spreading shrub 0.8m h x 1m wFlw:red Sep to Dec or Jan to FebSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,AdaptableA low growing dense shrub with red half bottlebrush flowers. Its attractive leaves make it a good reliable addition to mixed flower beds.
Calothamnus lateralis Erect & slender shrub 0.75-1.5m h x 1-2m wFlw:red Jan or May to Dec Fol:SlenderSand,Moist,Sun,AdaptableA VERY ATTRACTIVE POT PLANT.
Calothamnus quadrifidus One-sided Bottlebrush,Common NetbushErect. compact or spreading shrub 2-4m h x 2-5m wFlw:red/white-yellow Jun to DecSand,Gravel,Coastal,Moist,AdaptableThis is a fast growing specimen plant with bright red half bottlebrush flowers. It flowers in spring and the birds just love it. The flowers can be sucked for their nectar or soaked in water to provide a sweet drink.
Calothamnus sanguineus Blood-red Net-bushErect to open spreading shrub. 2.5m h x 1-3m wFlw:red Mar to NovSand,Gravel,CoastalA bird attracting specimen plant with silky pine-like leaves. Grows well in coastal sands and can be kept bushy with regular light pruning. Will flower in semi-shade and can be planted beneath sparsely leaved trees.
Calothamnus villosus Shrub 1.5m hFlw:Red half bottlebrushSand,Gravel,ClayVery Hardy
Calytrix acutifolia Slender. open-branched shrub 2m h x 2m wFlw:white/cream/yellow Apr to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Moist
Calytrix depressa Shrub 0.2-1m hFlw:purple-pink-violet/yellow Jan to DecSand,Gravel
Calytrix leschenaultii Shrub 0.15-1m hFlw:purple-violet-pink-blue Jun to NovSand,Loam,Gravel
Calytrix tetragona Upright form - from ChingarrupShrub 0.2-1.5m h x 1m wFlw:White-pink. Spring Fol:GreenSand,Coastal,Adaptable
Calytrix tetragona prostrate white Ground cover 0.1m h x 1m wFlw:White,pink Aug-OctSand,Coastal
Calytrix tetragona White flowering form. Shrub 0.2-1.5m hFlw:White August - Oct.Sand,Gravel,Coastal,Sun
Carpobrotus virescens Coastal PigfaceProstrate. succulent . Herb 0.1-0.3m h x 1-2m wFlw:purple-pink/white Jun to Dec or JanSand,CoastalA ground hugging succulent with bright pink flowers and a white centre. When the petals drop off the fruit base of the flower swells up. The juicy centre contains seeds in a white pulp which tastes like zucchini. The juice from the leaves can be used to treat burns, scalds and stings.
Chamelaucium axillare Esperance WaxErect shrub 0.2-2m hFlw:white-pink-red Sep to DecSand,Gravel
Chamelaucium DOUBLE WHITE Shrub 2.5m h x 2.5m wFlw:double White SpringSand,Loam,Gravel,Coastal
Chamelaucium Lady Stephanie Shrub 2-2.5m h x 2.5-4m wFlw:pale pinkSand,Loam,GravelFAST GROWING.
The masses of waxy flowers in spring attract insects which in turn attracts the insect eating birds. Grows well on coastal sands. This form grows dense and requires little or no irrigation.
Chamelaucium Mullering Brook Shrub 3-4m h x 2m wFlw:Pink Aug - SepSand,Loam,Gravel,CoastalIdeal screening plant
Chamelaucium sp. Small to medium shrub. Flw:Dainty white/pink Spring. Fol:Delicate & GreenSandBought from the Wildflower Society Northern Districts Branch.
Chamelaucium sp. Walpole Sweet RosieShrub 2m h x 1m wFlw:white to deep red SpringSand,Loam,Coastal,Adaptable
Chamelaucium Spring Violet Dense shrub. 2-3m h x 2-3m wFlw:Purple Spring Fol:Dark GreenSand,Coastal,Sun
Chamelaucium Susie Shrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:Pink Spring - SummerSand,Loam,CoastalGood for cut flowers
Chorizema ilicifolium Holly-leaved Flame PeaShrub 0.1-0.35m h x 1.5-3m wFlw:yellow/orange & red Jul to OctSand,Coastal
Chrysocephalum apiculatum Green Leaf FormProstrate Perennial Herb 0.3m hFlw:Bright yellow Jan - Dec Fol:Silver/GreenAdaptableATTRACTIVE MASS PLANTED.
Commersonia hermannifolia Dwarf kerrawanggroundcover 0.3m h x 1.5m wFlw:white SpringSand,Loam,GravelATTRACTIVE GROUNDCOVER.
Conostylis candicans Grey CottonheadsRhizomatous. perennial. grass-like 0.05-0.4m hFlw:yellow Jul to NovSand,Loam,Coastal
Conostylis seorsiflora Rhizomatous. perennial. grass-like 0.02-0.16m hFlw:yellow Sep to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Moist
Correa - Marions Marvel Shrub 1.5m h x 2m wFlw:Pink/green Autumn WinterShade,Sun,Adaptable
Correa alba Cape Barren Tea, White CorreaShrub 0.5-2m h x 1-2m wFlw:White Autumn WinterShade,Sun,AdaptableThis coastal shrub bears attractive, white, bell-shaped flowers with four petals. The leaves were once used as a tea substutute, particularly by sealers on islands in Bass Strait. Although the infusion is not as strong as that from Baeckeas and Leptospermums, the drink is pleasantly aromatic and sweetish.
Correa backhousia x reflexa Marion's MarvelSpreading shrub 1.2m h x 1.5-3m wFlw:red yellowShade,Moist,SunFrost tolerant
Correa Dusky Bells Shrub 0.3-1m h x 2-4m wFlw:pink Autumn - SpringShade,Sun,AdaptableA very attractive winter flowering ground cover or edging plant, that thrives in part shade. Also makes an attractive container plant.
Correa glabra Red Rock Correa Rounded shrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:Red/green SpringShade,AdaptableLOW HEDGING PLANT.
Correa puchella Pink MistShrub 0.75m h x 1m wFlw:Pink may - JulyShade,Sun,Adaptable
Correa pulchella Shrub 0.1-0.6m h x 1-1.5m wFlw:Pink AutumnShade,Sun,AdaptableA very pretty bird attracting container plant or on the edge of a path.
Correa pulchella Nana OrangeSmall compact shrub. 0.4m hFlw:Orange AutumnShade,AdaptableDelightful addition to any garden.
Correa reflexa Shrub 1.5-2m h x 1m wFlw:Pink/WhiteShade,Sun,Adaptable
Correa Wynn's Wonder Low grounding shrub 0.8-2m h x 1-2m wFlw:pinkShade,Sun,AdaptableSport from C. 'Mannii'
Corymbia calophylla MarriTree (mallee. rarely) 15-20m h x 10-15m wFlw:white/pink Dec or Jan to MaySand,Gravel,Clay,AdaptableBlack Cockatoo : Very good for food, nesting and roosting
Edible seeds.
Corymbia citriodora Lemon-scented Gumtree 15-30m h x 10-25m wFlw:cream.whiteCoastal,AdaptableOrnametal , branch dropper
Corymbia dichromophloia Tree 12-15m hFlw:Cream-white Feb to MaySand,Coastal
Corymbia ficifolia Red-flowered GumSmall tree 6-15m h x 5-10m wFlw:White, Red, Orange Dec to MaySand,Loam,GravelTHESE SEED GROWN PLANTS CAN HAVE DIFFERENT FLOWER COLOURS.

Corymbia ptychocarpa Swamp BloodwoodTree 4.5-18m hFlw:pink. Feb to MaySand,Moist
Crowea Poorinda Ecstasy Shrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:pink All yearShade,Sun,Adaptable
Cyanostegia angustifolia Blue flowers Viscid (sticky) shrub. 0.5-2m h x 1-1m wFlw:Pale blue/purple. July - Nov Fol:Dark Green.Sand,Gravel
Cymbopogon obtectus Silky HeadsTufted perennial. grass-like or herb 0.3-1m hFlw:green-purple Jan or Nov to Dec or Apr to SepEdible stem roots.
Dampiera coronata Wedge-leaved DampieraShrub 0.1-0.5m hFlw:Blue/Purple Jul - NovSand,Gravel,Clay
Dampiera diversifolia Prostrate shrub. 0.03-0.75m h x 0.6m wFlw:blue/blue-purple Sep to DecSandCHARMING SPREADING PLANT.
Dampiera linearis Erect perennial. Herb 0.15-0.6m hFlw:blue Jul to DecSand,Gravel,Clay,Moist
Dampiera loranthifolia Erect perennial herb. Flw:Blue May or Jul or Sep-DecSand,Loam,Gravel
Darwinia citriodora Prostrate FormLemon-scented Myrtlegroundcover 0.3m h x 1.5m wFlw:red white May-DecGravel,Shade,SunBlack Cockatoo : food source
Unusual flowers small tightly packed flowersand aromatic foliage plus being hardy and adaptable make this a great groundcover,each plant can cover 1-2 square metres of garden bed. The leaves are a grey-green colour to a reddish bronze during autumn and winter. Aromatic foliage, bird attracting.
Darwinia oldfieldii Erect. spreading shrub 0.5-1m h x 1-2m wFlw:red Aug to NovSand,Coastal
Darwinia squarrosa Pink Mountain BellErect. straggly shrub 0.2-1m hFlw:red-pink Sep to DecGravelMAKES AN EXCELLENT POT PLANT.
Darwinia vestita Erect. bushy shrub 0.2-1m hFlw:white-red/pink Jul to Dec.Sand,Gravel,Coastal,Moist
Dianella revoluta Black-anther Flax-lilyRhizomatous. perennial. Herb 0.3-1.5m h x 0.5-2.5m wFlw:blue-purple-violet Aug to DecShade,Sun,AdaptableA clumping species with long attractive strappy leaves. Is happiest when grown in a little shade with a little water.
Dianella revoluta miniMini Flax LillyRhizomatous. perennial. Herb 0.3-1.5m h x 0.3-2.5m wFlw:blue-purple-violetGravel,Coastal,Shade,AdaptableSMALL HEDGE.
Dianella revoluta VariegataVariegated Blue Flax LilyRhizomatous. perennial. Herb 0.3-1.5m h x 0.5-2.5m wFlw:blue-purple-violet Aug to DecGravel,Coastal,Adaptable
Diaspasis filifolia Thread-leaved Diaspasis (Pink)slender perennial shrub 0.4-0.8m h x 0.3-0.8m wFlw:White/pink/purple Sep to Jan Fol:Fine green leaves.Sand,Clay,Moist
Dichondra repens Kidney-weed, Kidney-grasscreeping perennial. Herb 0.04m h x 1-2m wFlw:white/green-yellow Sep to OctCoastalGOOD FLAT GROUNDCOVER.
Dielsia stenostachyus Rhizomatous, perennial herb. 0.2-0.9m hFlw:Brown Fol:Attractive foliage.Sand,Clay,MoistInteresting addition to a flowerbed.
Dodonaea microzyga Brilliant HopbushSpreading shrub 0.3-1.5m hFlw:Bright red capsules. Many months. Fol:GreenAdaptableBright red capsules which start green and become red with age.
Very hardy.
Well drained soils.
Capsules used to make beer by original White Settlers.
Flowers inconspicuous with no petals.
Eremophila calorhabdos Red Rod, Spiked EremophilaErect. spindly shrub 1-3m h x 0.5-2m wFlw:red/pink-purple-red winter summerSand,Loam,Clay,Shade,Moist,Sun
Eremophila complanata Spring PinkErect. wispy shrub 1-2m h x 1.5m wFlw:purple-pink SepSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Shade,SunTolerates frost and part shade
Eremophila densifolia ssp. Densifolia Purple CarpetShrub 0.15-1.8m h x 1.5m wFlw:blue-purple Sep to Dec or Jan to AprSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Shade,Sun,AdaptableTolerates part shade
Eremophila glabra RoseworthyGround cover 0.3m h x 2m wFlw:green/yellow/orange/red/brownSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Shade,Sun,Adaptable
Eremophila glabra BriceShrub 0.7-1m h x 1m wFlw:yellowCoastal,Shade,Sun,AdaptableSMALL HEDGING PLANT.
Eremophila glabra OrangeDense shrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:Orange Winter-SpringAdaptable
Eremophila glabra Mingenew GoldProstrate shrub Flw:yellow springSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Moist,AdaptableCan Tolerate saline soils
Eremophila glabra Kalbarri CarpetGroundcover 0.5m h x 2m wFlw:Yellow winter spring Fol:silverSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,CoastalA selected form which is a tough groundcover with silver-grey leaves. Pruning is recommended to encourage bush growth. A native of Kwinana. Edible seeds.
Eremophila glabra Murchison MagicShrub 0.1-3m hSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,CoastalTolerates saline areas
Eremophila glabra Amber CarpetGroundcover 0.3m h x 2m wFlw:Amber Spring AutumnSand,Loam,Clay,Coastal,Shade,Moist,Sun,AdaptableThis is a selected form of Eremophila glabra which makes a good hardy prostrate groundcover. Pruning is recommended to encourage bushy growth.
Tolerates frost,drought and dry conditions
Eremophila laanii Spreading shrub. 0.9-2.4m hFlw:White-pink. Aug - Dec.Clay,Moist
Eremophila latrobei Medium shrub 1-2m hFlw:Red to purplish red Winter to early summerSand,Sun
Eremophila lehmanniana Lilac/whiteErect shrub 1.5-2m h x 0.5-1m wFlw:lilac/white Jul to NovSand,Gravel,Clay,Shade,Sun,AdaptableTolerates part shade
Eremophila maculata Lemon DelightShrub 1.2m h x 1.2m wFlw:Pale lemon flowersLoam,Gravel,Clay,Shade,Sun,AdaptableTolerates light frost and drought
Eremophila maculata Lovely LindaShrub 1.2m h x 1.2m wFlw:deep pink Spring SummerLoam,Gravel,Clay,Shade,Sun,AdaptableTolerates light frost and drought
Eremophila maculata Magic Blushshrub 1-2m h x 1-2m wFlw:red june to decLoam,Gravel,Clay,Shade,Sun,AdaptableA fast growing, very hardy, evergreen shrub usually reaching about 1.5m high and wide. Dark green foliaged becomes tinged with red during flowering. Deep red to reddish purple, tubular, bird attracting flowers are produced from mid winter to early summer. Prune after flowering to encourage bushier growth.
Eremophila maculata Minnie PinkShrub 1.2m h x 1.2m wGravel,Clay,Coastal,Shade,Sun,Adaptable
Eremophila nivea Silky Eremophila, Spring Mistshrub 1-2m h x 0.7-1.5m wFlw:Violet Aug to Oct Fol:Soft grey to whiteSand,Clay,Coastal,Shade,Sun,AdaptableBEAUTIFUL PLANT WITH WHITE/SILVER LEAVES AND VIOLET FLOWERS.
Eremophila resinosa Spreading shrub 0.4-0.8m h x 1m wFlw:blue-purple-white Apr or Oct to Nov
Eremophila scaberula Low compact or sprawling to upright shrub 0.15-0.7m hFlw:purple-blue Aug to OctLoam,Clay,AdaptableTolerates winter wet locations
Eremophila Scarlet Gem Compact Shrub 1.5m hFlw:Scarlet flowersShade,Sun,AdaptableCONTAINER PLANT.
Eremophila subfloccosa ssp lanata Erect or spreading shrub 0.7m h x 1.2m wFlw:yellow-green/green Mar or Jun to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,AdaptableTolerates saline areas
Eremophila subfloccosa ssp subfloc Erect or spreading shrub 0.7m h x 1.2m wFlw:yellow-green/green Mar or Jun to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,ClayTolerates saline areas
Eremophila Summertime Blue Shrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:blue/lilac Spring-SummerSand,Loam,Coastal,AdaptableSuitable for coastal and inland gardens. Frost and drought tolerant
Eucalyptus accedens Powderbark Wandootree 8-25m h x 6-15m wFlw:white-cream Dec to AprLoam,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus albida White-leaved MalleeMallee or tree 2.5-5m h x 4-6m wFlw:white Nov to Dec or JanSand,Gravel
Eucalyptus albopurpurea Port Lincoln Mallee, Purple flowered MalleeMallee 4-5m h x 4-8m wFlw:white,pink,mauve Most of YearCoastal,AdaptableThe only eucalyt with purple flowers
Often planted a street tree, however the trunk may be wavy or crooked.
Well suited for coastal areas close to high water tide mark or along edge of salt lakes.
Can be periodically cut back to the lignotuber toat ground level to maintain a lower growing denser crown.
Eucalyptus botryoides Southern Mahogany, Bangalaytree 12-40m h x 10-25m wFlw:Cream Dec FebCoastal,AdaptableTolerates Saline soils
Eucalyptus burracoppinensis Burracoppin MalleeMallee 1-6m hFlw:white-cream-yellow Aug to NovSand,Gravel
Eucalyptus caesia ssp magna Silver PrincessMallee 3-10m h x 6m wFlw:pink red May to SepLoam,Gravel,AdaptableBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
One of the best small eucalypts gowing in a gardens - open crown and non-competitive root system. Plants can be periodically cut back to the lignotuber to reinvigorate the tree.
Eucalyptus campaspe Silver-topped GimletMallee or tree 3-11m h x 8m wFlw:white Jan to MarSand,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus celastriodes mallee or tree 2-8m hFlw:White Aug to JanSand,Clay
Eucalyptus cinerea Argyle AppleMallee 7-15m h x 5-10m wFlw:Small whiteSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus cladocalyx nanaBushy Sugar GumTree 8-15m hFlw:Creamy-White SummerAdaptableTolerates saline soils
Eucalyptus conferruminata Bushy Yate, Bald Island MarlockMallee or tree 2-8m hFlw:yellow-green Aug to NovSand,Loam,Coastal,AdaptableFast growing, oramental , shelter or screening tree with a dense speading canopy.
Eucalyptus cornuta YateTree (mallee. rarely) 2-25m hFlw:yellow-green Jan to May or Jul to NovSand,Loam,Gravel,Moist
Eucalyptus crenulata Silver Gum, Buxton GumTree 4-15m h x 3-10m wFlw:cream/white springSand,Loam,Clay
Eucalyptus crucis ssp crucisSilver MalleeMallee or tree (rarely) 3-8m h x 4-10m wFlw:white/cream Jan to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus drummondii Drummond's GumTree, mallee 1.8-8m h x 3-8m wFlw:White-cream Jan to febLoam,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus eremophila Sand mallee WA,Tall Sand MalleeMallee tree 3-8m h x 4-8m wFlw:white cream pink Aug to DecSand,Loam,Clay
Eucalyptus erythrocorys Illyarrie,Red Cap Gum,Tree 4-9m h x 3-8m wFlw:yellow red caps Feb to AprSand,Coastal
Eucalyptus erythronema var. erythronema.Red-flowered MalleeMallee or tree 2-6m hFlw:red/pink/cream-white Jul to FebSand,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus eudesmioides MalallieMallee, tree 2-8m hFlw:white Feb-MaySand,Gravel
Eucalyptus ewartiana Mallee with 'minni-ritchi' bark. 2-7m hFlw:Flowers white Aug-Dec or Jan-FebSand,Loam,Gravel
Eucalyptus falcata Silver MalletMallee or marlock 6m hFlw:white-cream Aug to Dec or Jan to MaySand,Gravel,Coastal
Eucalyptus flocktoniae MerrittTree (sometimes mallee) 2.5-15m hFlw:white-cream-yellow Aug to AprLoam,Clay
Eucalyptus formanii Tree 3-11m hFlw:White Dec - AprSand
Eucalyptus forrestiana sp forrestianaFuchsia GumMallee, Tree 1.5-6m h x 5m wFlw:Yellow Jan - JunSand,ClayOrnmaental or windbreak tree
Eucalyptus gardneri Blue MallettTree 5-10m hFlw:yellow-cream Feb to Sep or Dec.Gravel
Eucalyptus globulus Tasmanian Blue GumTree 30m h x 15m wFlw:Cream Sep - DecAdaptableBlack Cockatoo : roosting tree
Eucalyptus gomphocephala TuartTree 10-40m hFlw:white Jan to AprSand,Coastal,Moist,AdaptableBlack Cockatoo : Good food , nesting and roosting tree
Eucalyptus grandis Flooded Gum, Rose GumTree 20-45m h x 10-25m wFlw:Cream Apr to AugAdaptableBlack Cockatoo : roosting tree
Eucalyptus incrassata Ridge-fruited MalleeMallee 2-5m hFlw:cream-white-yellow Aug to AprSand,Coastal
Eucalyptus kochii ssp kochii Mallee or tree 3-7m hFlw:white. OctSand,Loam,Gravelgood shelter or windbreak
Eucalyptus kondininensis Kondinin BlackbuttTree (mallee. mallet) 4-20m hFlw:white Jul to Aug or Oct to DecGravel,Clay,MoistSaline areas or waterlogged
Eucalyptus kruseana Book-leaf MalleeStraggly mallee 2-3.5m h x 2-4m wFlw:yellow Jun to SepLoam,Gravelornamental, shade and cut foliage tree
Eucalyptus laeliae Darling Range Ghost GumTree 5-20m h x 8-12m wFlw:white Dec or Jan to FebLoam,Gravel,ClayWhite trunk
Eucalyptus lane-poolei Salmon White GumMallee or tree 3-12m hFlw:white-cream Jan to Jun or Aug to SepSand,Loam,Gravel
Eucalyptus leptocalyx Hopetoun MalleeMallee, rarely a tree. 2-6m hFlw:White cream Sep-Dec or Jan-MarSand,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea Tree 10-20m hFlw:red pink WinterSand,Loam,Adaptable
Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp megalocarpa Tree 4-9m h x 5-10m wFlw:Pink red WinterSand,Loam
Eucalyptus loxophleba ssp. LoxophlebaYork GumMallee or tree 15m hFlw:white Jul to Dec or Jan to FebSand,Loam,Gravel,ClayBlack Cockatoo : food and nesting tree
Eucalyptus macrandra Long-flowered MarlockMallee or tree (rarely) 2-8m hFlw:yellow-green Nov to Dec or Jan to AprSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Adaptable
Eucalyptus marginata JarrahTree 40m hFlw:white-cream/pink Jun to Dec or JanSand,Loam,Gravel,CoastalBlack Cockatoo : Good food and roosting tree
Eucalyptus megacarpa BullichMallee or tree 2-35m hFlw:white Apr to NovSand,Loam,Coastal,Moist
Eucalyptus megacornuta Warty YateTree 4-12m hFlw:yellow-green Jul to DecLoam,Gravel
Eucalyptus nicholii Narrow-leaved Black PeppermintTree 8-12m h x 6-10m wFlw:White Summer-AutumnSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Adaptable
Eucalyptus occidentalis Swamp Yate, Flat-topped YateTree 4-20m h x 5-12m wFlw:cream-white Sep to Dec or Jan to MaySand,Loam,ClayBlack Cockatoo : nesting tree
Eucalyptus oleosa Glossy Leaved MalleeMallee or tree, rough fibrous bark. 11m hFlw:Yellow Nov-DecSand,Loam,Coastal
Eucalyptus pachyphylla Red Bud MalleeMulti-stemmed 1.5-5m hFlw:Cream to yellow with red buds April to JulySand,Loam
Eucalyptus patens Tree 3-25m hFlw:white/cream Jul to to FebSand,Gravel,ClayBlack Cockatoo : Good food and roosting tree
Eucalyptus pileata Mallee with smooth bark. 8m hFlw:White Feb-May or Sep to OctSand,Loam,Gravel
Eucalyptus platycorys Borabbin MalleeMallee, occasionhally a tree. 2-12m hFlw:White July - OctSand,Loam,GravelSand dunes near salt lakes.
Eucalyptus pluricaulis Multi-stemmed mallee 3-5m hFlw:Small yellow Autumn and winterShade,Sun,Adaptable
Eucalyptus preissiana Bell Fruited MalleeSprawing mallee 3-5m hFlw:Yellow May - NovSand,Gravel,Clay,CoastalBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
Eucalyptus pulverulenta Tree 6-10m h x 2-5m wFlw:yellow/white spring summerAdaptable
Eucalyptus pyriformis Mallee 1.5-5m hFlw:cream yellow May OctSand,Gravel
Eucalyptus rhodantha Rose MalleeSpreading mallee 2.5-4m h x 3-6m wFlw:red/cream-white Jul or Sep to Dec or JanSand,Loam,Gravel
Eucalyptus robusta Swamp MahoganyTree 10-20m h x 8-15m wFlw:White AutumnSand,Coastal,Moist,AdaptableBlack Cockatoo : Good food and roosting tree
Eucalyptus rosacea Dark Pink/Red FormMallee 1-4m hFlw:cream pink red Nov FebSand
Eucalyptus rudis MoitchTree 5-20m hFlw:white Jul to SepSand,Loam,CoastalBlack Cockatoo : roosting tree
Eucalyptus salmonophloia Salmon GumTree 4-30m hFlw:white-cream Aug to DecSand,Gravel,ClayBlack Cockatoo : Very good food and nesting tree
Eucalyptus sideroxylon roseaRed IronbarkTree 10-20m h x 8-15m wFlw:Pink WinterSand,Loam,Coastal
Eucalyptus spathulata Swamp MalletMallett 8m hFlw:whiteSand,Clay,AdaptableTolerates Saline conditions
Eucalyptus suggrandis suggrandis Mallee with smooth grey bark over copper. 1-5m hFlw:Cream-white Nov-Dec or Jan-MarSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay
Eucalyptus synandra Mallee 3.5-10m hFlw:Cream/pink Aug - MarSand,Gravel
Eucalyptus tetragona Mallee 4-8m hFlw:White cream Nov FebSandAlso known as Eucalyptus pleurocarpa
Eucalyptus todtiana Coastal Blackbutt, PricklybarkMallee or tree 2-8m h x 5-10m wFlw:white/creamwhite-cream Jan to AprSand,Gravel,CoastalBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
Eucalyptus torquata Coral Gum,Coolgardie GumTree 8m h x 4m wFlw:pink-red Aug to DecSand,Loam,ClayGood street tree or for urban block
Eucalyptus torwood Eucalyptus torquata x woodwardiitree 8m hFlw:Red/PinkSand,Loam,Clay
Eucalyptus uncinata Hook leaved malleeMallee or tree (rarely) 1-8m hFlw:white-cream Jan to AprSand,Coastal
Eucalyptus utilis Formally Eucalyptus platypusSpreading tree (mallee) 1.5-15m hFlw:cream/white Sep to Dec or JanSand,Clay,Coastal,Moist,Adaptable(Platypus var heterophylla)
Eucalyptus victrix Western CoolabahSpreading tree 1-12m h x 5-6m wFlw:white-cream Nov or Jan to MarSand,Loam,Clay,AdaptableAttractive small tree with a white trunk. Small lime green flowers in late summer which are insect and bird attracting.
Eucalyptus wandoo WandooTree 3-25m hFlw:white-cream Dec or Jan to MaySand,Gravel,ClayBlack Cockatoo : very good food, nesting and roosting tree
The outer parts of the roots of young Wandoo can be scraped off and eaten. They are sweet and juicy. The flowers produce a tasty mild flavoured honey. The timber and bark are rich in tannin and used to be used commercially to tan leather.
Eucalyptus websteriana mallee 4m hFlw:yellow Sep - Nov Fol:Heart shape grey greenGravelSmooth red-brown bark shedding in longitudinal rolls.
Erect compact with branches close to the ground
Eucalyptus woodwardii Lemon-flowered GumTree 6-15m hFlw:Bright yellow-green Aug to NovSandA very beautiful speciment tree. It is bird attracting , drought resistant and flowers well when young.
Eucalyptus xanthonema Mallee 1-5m hFlw:white-cream Sep to Dec or Jan to FebGravel
Eucalyptus xerothermica Mallee or tree 2-8m hSand,Loam,Coastal
Eucalyptus youngiana Large-fruited MalleeMallee, tree 4-10m hFlw:red/yellow Jun OctSand,Loam
Eutaxia myrtifolia Eggs and BaconProstrate to erect shrub 2m h x 1-2m wFlw:orange-yellow/red Feb to DecSand,Loam,Clay,AdaptableFormely Eutaxia obvata
Formely Eutaxia obvata
Ficinia nodosa perennial. Sedge 1m h x 0.8m wFlw:brown/cream Oct to Dec or JanClay,Coastal,MoistTolerates wet and saline conditions
Frankenia confusa Low Shrub 0.75m h x 0.75m wFlw:Pink Fol:GreenSand,ClayGarden and pot plant.
Gastrolobium celsianum Swan River PeaShrub 0.8m h x 0.5m wFlw:red Aug to NovGravel,Shade,Moist,AdaptableGOOD ADDITION TO FLOWERBEDS.
(prev. Brachysema lanceolatum)
Goodenia dyeri Hazel DempsterGround cover 0.2m hFlw:yellow August to November
Goodenia ovata Hop GoodeniaShrub 0.1-1m h x 1-3m wFlw:yellow SpringShade,Sun,AdaptablePOT PLANT.
Goodenia varia Sticky Goodenia, Kalgoorlie Honey DueProstrate shrub 0.1-0.6m h x 0.5-1.5m wFlw:yellow Oct to NovSand,Coastal,AdaptableHARDY GROUNDCOVER.
Goodenia viscida Viscid Goodenia.Erect perennial. Shrub 0.3-0.6m h x 0.3-0.5m wFlw:yellow May to Dec or Jan to FebSand,ClayFAST GROWING.
Grevillea bipinnatifida x Clearview Robin SunriseSpreading Shrub 0.6-1.5m h x 1-2.5m wFlw:Apricot spring summerAdaptableFrost and Drought tolerant
Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie Speading shrub 0.5-1m h x 1-1.5m wFlw:Red and yellow spring summerAdaptable
Grevillea brachystachya Frosty PinkModerately dense shrub 0.6-1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:Pink Jun to OctSand,Loam,Gravel
Grevillea candelabroides Candellabroides GrevilleaNon-lignotuberous shrub 1.2-4m h x 4m wFlw:cream-white Apr or Aug to Dec or JanSand
Grevillea Carramar Orange Shrub 2m h x 2m wFlw:Orange SpringAdaptableGood dense screening plant
Grevillea crithmifolia PROSTRATE form Prostrate groundcover 0.75m h x 3m wFlw:white, pale pink Aug to NovSand,Coastal,Shade,Sun,AdaptableA good dense groundcover for suppressing weeds. The masses of white flowers are very attractive to little birds.
Grevillea diminuta Shrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:Rusty Red SpringSand,Loam,Gravel,Shade,Sun
Grevillea dimorpha Flame grevilleaShrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:red June - WinterAdaptableBIRD ATTRACTING.
Grevillea endlicheriana Spindly GrevilleaShrub 2-4m h x 2-5m wFlw:white & pink/pink/red Jul to NovSand,Loam,GravelExcellent plant for using behind smaller shrubs as the long stems which hold the flowers sway in the breeze making it look like a swarm of insects
Grevillea filliloba Ellendale Dragon shrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:red All YearAdaptableA West Australian commercial cultivar which has masses of beautiful red flowers. Requires good drainage. An excellent bird attracting screen.
Grevillea flexuosa Few branched shrub 2m h x 2m wFlw:creamy-yellow Jul to OctSand,Gravel
Grevillea Forest Rambler Shrub 0.3-1.5m h x 1.5-3.5m wFlw:pale pink springAdaptable
Grevillea lanigera Wooley GrevilleaGroundcover 0.3m h x 2m wFlw:Red cream SpringShade,Sun,Adaptable
Grevillea lanigera x lavendulacea Winter Delightground cover 0.3m h x 1m wFlw:pink WinterAdaptable
Grevillea maccutcheonii Densely branched shrub 2m hFlw:green & red Mar or May or DecGravel,Clay,Moist,AdaptableVERY RARE PLANT
Grevillea obtusifolia Gin Gin GemGroundcover 0.25m h x 3-5m wFlw:red WinterAdaptableHARDY GROUNDCOVER.
Grevillea olivacea RED Erect. non-lignotuberous shrub 1-4.5m hFlw:red/red-pink Jun to SepSand,Coastal,AdaptableEXCELLENT TALL HEDGE PLANT.
Grevillea Poorinda Signet Spreading shrub 1.5-2m h x 1.5-2m wFlw:Pink/red FlowersAdaptable
Grevillea preissii Sea SpraySpreading shrub 0.15-0.7m h x 1.2m wFlw:red Jul to SepAdaptableMakes attractive low border.
Bird attracting.
Road verge planting.
Grevillea preissii DWARF Shrub 0.15-0.8m hFlw:red jun-sepSand,Clay,Coastal,Moist
Grevillea rosmarinifolia LuteaYellow Rosemary GrevilleaShrub 2-2.5m h x 2-2.5m wFlw:yellow Most of yearAdaptable
Grevillea sericea Mauve Shrub 1.5m h x 3m wFlw:mauve Most of yearAdaptable
Grevillea Sid Cadwell Small to medium shrub 0.5-1.5m hFlw:Deep red toothbrush flowers. SpringShade,Adaptable
Grevillea thelemanniana Spreading. lignotuberous shrub 0.3-1.5m hFlw:pink-red May to NovSand,Clay,Coastal,Moist
Grevillea towera Large Shrub 1.5-3m h x 1-2m wFlw:red Most of year
Grevillea vestita Pink Flowers Erect. spreading. prickly shrub 0.5-3m h x 3.5m wFlw:white-cream/pink Jan to NovSand,Gravel,CoastalAn attractive grevillea with masses of pink flowers. It used to be quite common in Kwinana and Baldivis. It is tough and very waterwise.
Grevillea vestita White Flowers Sand,Gravel,Coastal,AdaptableErect, spreading, prickly shrub 0.5 -3m h x3.5m w
White flowers appear from January to November
Sand, gravel, coastal
Grevillea x semperflorens Shrub 2m h x 2m wFlw:yellow/pink Most of YearSand,Loam,GravelSemper in Latin means 'always' and florens in Latin means 'flowering'.
Hakea Burrendong Beauty Shrub 0.5-1m h x 2-3m wFlw:pink/white WinterAdaptableThis is one of the most stunning plants to flower in late winter/spring. It has masses of beautiful pink and white flowers. It is extremely bird attracting and will survive the toughest conditions. A total must for an open spot in the garden.
Flowers make a sweet drink.
Hakea cinerea Sturdy upright shrub. 0.7-2.5m hFlw:green-yellow Aug-Sep Fol:Blue/grey & stiff.Flowers make a sweet drink.

Named from the Latin 'cinereus' - ash grey, referring to foliage colour.
Hakea corymbosa Cauliflower HakeaErect. non-lignotuberous shrub 0.5-2m hFlw:green-white/cream-yellow May to SepSand,GravelFlowers make a sweet drink.
Hakea drupacea Sweet-Scented HakeaErect shrub 1-4m hFlw:white Mar to JunSand,Loam,Gravel,CoastalFlowers make a sweet drink.
Hakea kippistiana Small tree 2-3m hFlw:White-cream-pink Sept to NovSand,Clay,AdaptableThe spiky leaves are a good habitat for small birds.
Hakea laurina Pincushion HakeaTree, Shrub 2.5-6m h x 3-6m wFlw:crimson rounded fragrant Apr AugSand,Clay,ShadeBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
A fast growing, decorative shrub. It is useful for street, hedge, screening and windbreak planting. The flowers are rich in nectar and are a valuable source of food for honeyeaters. They also make a sweet drink when soaked in water.
Hakea nitida Frog HakeaErect. non-lignotuberous shrub 1-3m hFlw:white/cream-yellow Jul to SepSand,Loam,Gravel,Coastal
Hakea petiolaris Sea Urchin HakeaErect shrub or tree 2-9m hFlw:pink & cream Mar to JulLoam,Gravel,AdaptableBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
An attractive off-season flowering shrub. Its beautiful silvery foliage makes it a lovely feature. It is suitable for coastal planting and forms a good screen. Flowers make a sweet drink when soaked in water.
Hakea platysperma Cricket-ball HakeaErect. non-lignotuberous shrub 1-3m hFlw:cream/cream-pink-red Jul to OctSand,Gravel,ClayFlowers make a sweet drink when soaked in water.
Hakea prostrata Harsh HakeaSpreading shrub Flw:Scented cream Aug to NovSand,Coastal,MoistBlack Cockatoo : Good food source
Flowers make a sweet drink.
Hakea prostrata Inland upright form. Upright to 3m high Flw:Cream,white or yellow August to NovemberSand,Loam,Gravel,ClayThe pricky leaves make this a great habitat plant.
Hakea ruscifolia Candle-spike Hakea.Lignotuberous shrub 0.5-3m hFlw:white Dec or Jan to Apr or JunSand,Gravel,Clay,CoastalFlowers make a sweet drink.
Hakea trifurcata Two-leaf HakeaRounded or open shrub 1.5-3m h x 3.5m wFlw:white/cream-pink Apr to OctSand,Loam,Gravel,CoastalVery hardy in most conditions
Black Cockatoo : Good food source
Flowers make a sweet drink.
Hardenbergia comptoniana Native WisteriaTwining shrub or climber 5m wFlw:blue-purple Jul to OctSand,Coastal,Shade,Adaptable
Hemiandra pungens Silver Surprise Shrub 1.5m hFlw:Mauve Jan - Dec Fol:GreySand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Adaptable
Hibbertia microphylla Erect slender or multi-stemmed shrub 0.1-0.6m hFlw:yellow Aug to DecSand,Gravel,Clay,Moist
Hibbertia obtusifolia Small Shrub 0.5m h x 0.5m wFlw:yellow Spring - SummerSand,Loam,Gravel,AdaptableROCKERIES.
Hibbertia racemosa Grey Leaved FormStalked Guinea FlowerErect or ascending. spreading shrub 0.1-0.75m hFlw:yellow Jul to DecSand,CoastalSmall shrub with grey leaves and masses of little yellow flowers throughout winter and spring. Planted in clumps of three gives a good impact.
Hibbertia scandens Snake Vine,Climbing Guinea FlowerClimber 2-5m h x 2-5m wFlw:yellowCoastal,Shade,Moist,Sun,AdaptableAn extremely hardy and adaptable plant that can be trained up a fence or used as a ground cover. It is fast growing and salt tollerant.
Hibbertia stellaris Orange StarsErect or prostrate. slender or bushy shrub 0.15-1.5m hFlw:orange/orange-yellow/yellow Aug to DecSand,Clay,MoistMUST BE KEPT MOIST.
Hibiscus tilaceous RubraCottonwoodTree dense 6m h x 6m wFlw:Yellow spring summer Fol:redCoastal,Moist,AdaptableGood screen tree
Hopkinsia anoectocolea Heidi HopkinsiaRhizomatous, tufted perennial. 0.5-1m h x 1m wFlw:Brown September - DecemberSand,AdaptableWhite or grey sand, salt tolerant,
Drought tolerant - dry or winter wet areas.
Hopkinsia anoectocolea Henry HopkinsiaRhizomatous, tufted perennial. 0.5-1m h x 1m wFlw:Brown September - DecemberSand,AdaptableWhite or grey sand, salt tolerant,
Drought tolerant - dry or winter wet areas.
Hypocalymma angustifolium White MyrtleErect. multi-stemmed shrub 1.5m hFlw:white-cream white-creamSand,Moist
Hypocalymma angustifolium red tipped formWhite MyrtleShrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:white-cream Jun to OctSand,Clay,Moist
Hypocalymma cordifolium Erect or decumbent shrub 0.2-2m hFlw:white/pink Sep to FebSand,Loam,Gravel,Moist
Hypocalymma ericifolium Erect shrub 0.25-1.1m hFlw:cream-yellow Aug to NovSand,Moist,Sun
Hypocalymma robustum Swan River MyrtleErect shrub 0.4-1m hFlw:pink/pink-red along stems. Jun to NovSand,Gravel,CoastalNEEDS GOOD DRAINAGE.
Hypocalymma tetrapterum Shrub 0.4m h x 1m wFlw:Masses of white flowers. Winter/SpringShade,AdaptableSUITABLE FOR HEAVY SHADE.
Hypocalymma xanthopetalum broad leaf form Compact shrub 0.15-1m h x 0.75m wFlw:yellow All year.Sand,Clay,AdaptableGrows well in an irrigated garden as well as a non-irrigated garden.
Indigofera australis Austral IndigoErect. spreading shrub 0.3-2m hFlw:pink-purple-red Jul to SepSand,Gravel
Isolepis cernua Nodding Club RushErect.rhizomatous sedge 0.3m hFlw:green-brown Jun to Dec or Jan to FebSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,MoistTOLERATES SALINE SOILS
Isopogon formosus Rose Cone-flowerShrub 0.2-2m hFlw:pink-purple/red Jun to DecSand,Gravel,Moist
Juncus kraussii Sea RushRhizomatous. perennial. Herb 0.3-1.2m hFlw:brown/red. Oct to Dec or JanCoastal,Moist
Kennedia beckxiana .Prostrate or twining shrub or climber 1m hFlw:red Sep to DecSand,Loam,Gravel
Kennedia nigricans Black Coral PeaTwining shrub or climber 6m wFlw:black & yellow/orange Jul to NovSand,Coastal,MoistFast growing, Ideal for covering fences
Kennedia prostrata Running PostmanProstrate or twining shrub 0.05m h x 1-3m wFlw:Scarlet Apr to NovSand,Loam,Gravel,Coastal,ShadeThe flowers can be sucked for their nectar and the leaves can be boiled to make a tea.
Kennedia rubicunda Dusky Coral PeaClimbing plant 3m wFlw:Red pea SpringAdaptable
Kunzea baxteri Scarlet Kunzea,Crimson KunzeaRobust shrub 1-4m h x 3m wFlw:red Jul to MarSand,GravelAn outstanding, fast growing feature plant or screen.
An outstanding, fast growing feature plant or screen. Honeyeaters, parrots and insectiverous birds are attracted to the flowers and fruits. It produces a few flowers over several months.
Kunzea baxteri PINK FORM Shrub 1-2m h x 1.5m wFlw:Pink Winter SpringSand,Gravel
Kunzea baxteri variegated Shrub 3m h x 3m wFlw:Red Spring Fol:VariegatedSand,Gravel
Kunzea ericifolia Erect shrub 1-4m hFlw:cream jul-DecSand
Kunzea montana Shrub or small tree 1-5m hFlw:Yellow/cream-yellow Sept to NovSand,Loam,Gravel
Kunzea pomifera MuntriesLow shrub or ground cover, 2-3m wFlw:creamy/white. Spring and summer.AdaptableMuntries bear fleshy, edible capsules which look, smell and taste like tiny apples. They can be eaten fresh, dried or frozen but are better stewed or made into jam. Chutney made from Muntries and Lemon Myrtle is tasty when served with cold meat or cold sausages.
Kunzea pulchella Granite KunzeaShrub 0.6-3m h x 5m wFlw:red/white-cream Jun to NovSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay
Kunzea recurva Erect or ascending shrub 0.3-2m hFlw:pink/purple-red Aug to DecGravel,Moist,AdaptableHardy ornamental windbreak
Lasiopetalum behrii Pink Velvet BushErect shrub 0.3-1m h x 1m wFlw:Pink-White Aug to OctoberSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Adaptable
Lechenaultia Kings Park Lola Low bushy shrub Flw:Strong pink. Most of the year.Sand,Sun
Lechenaultia Scarlet O' Hara Low shrub. 0.3m h x 0.3m wFlw:small scarlet Autumn - Spring Fol:GreenAdaptableThis plant has a limited life span but still a beautiful addition to a small garden.
Very attractive when grown in pots.
Lepidosperma squamatum Tufted perennial, grass-like sedge. 0.15-1m hFlw:Brown Mar-NovSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Moist
Leptospermum Bobbles Shrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:White SpringSand,Coastal,AdaptableGood container or ornamental plant.
New growth bronze with red stems.
Frost and Shade tolerant
Leptospermum flavescens Pink CascadeProstrate shrub 0.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:2 tone pink SpringSand
Leptospermum sericeum Silver Tea-treeShrub 0.5-3m hFlw:pink May to OctSand,AdaptableAn excellent long flowering shrub which can be used as a feature or planted to form a screen. It has grey-green silky leaves with pale to deep pink flowers in spring. This shrub is very hardy, it needs good drainage and no irrigation in summer.
Leucophyta brownii Cushion BushErect. compact shrub 0.4-1m h x 0.5-1.5m wFlw:yellow Dec or Jan to FebSand,Clay,CoastalCreates a beautiful foliage contrast in a garden of dark green leaves. It is salt tolerant and grows well in a pot.
Lobelia anceps Perennial herb. 0.1-0.2m hFlw:blue/blue-purple. Sept - Dec. Fol:GreenLoam
Melaleuca acuminata Mallee HoneymyrtleBush 4m h x 3m wFlw:White-Cream Jul-OctSand,Clay,MoistTolerates saline areas
Melaleuca brevifolia Mallee Honey-myrtleErect shrub or tree (rarely) 0.5-4m hFlw:white-cream Sep to DecSand,Loam,Clay,MoistTolerates Salt
Melaleuca brophyi Small to medium 2.5m hFlw:yellow June - NovemberSand,Clay,Coastal
Melaleuca cardiophylla Umbrella Bush.Erect to spreading shrub 0.4-2m h x 3m wFlw:white-cream Aug to Dec or JanSand,Gravel,Coastal
Melaleuca coccinea Goldfields BottlebrushShrub 1.5-2.6m hFlw:Red Sep - JanSand,Loam,Gravel
Melaleuca conothamnoides Shrub 0.3-1.5m hFlw:Purple-pink Aprikl- NovSand,Loam,Gravel
Melaleuca densa Pendulous shrub 0.4-3m h x 2m wFlw:cream-yellow Oct to NovSand,Clay,Moist
Melaleuca diosmifolia Erect. open shrub 1-3m hFlw:green Sep to OctSand,Gravel,Clay
Melaleuca elliptica Granite Honey-myrtleErect. open shrub 1-4m hFlw:red Jun or Sep to Dec or JanSand,Gravel
Melaleuca filifolia Shrub 0.6-2.5m hFlw:pink-purple Aug to OctSand,Loam,Gravel
Melaleuca fulgens Scarlet FormShrub 0.4-3m hFlw:red Jul to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Moist
Melaleuca fulgens Cerise Colour FormShrub 1-3m h x 1-2m wFlw:Cerise SpringSand,Loam,Gravel
Melaleuca fulgens salmon Shrub 1-3m h x 1-2m wFlw:Salmon SpringSand,Loam,Gravel
Melaleuca glaberrima Erect. spreading shrub 0.3-1.5m h x 1.5-3m wFlw:pink/pink-purple Jul or Sep to DecSand,Clay,CoastalBIRD ATTRACTING.
Melaleuca huegelii Chenille Honey-myrtleShrub or tree 0.5-5m hFlw:pink/white/pink-purple Sep to Dec or JanSand,Coastal,Adaptable
Melaleuca incana Nana Dwarf Grey Honey MyrtleShrub 0.6m h x 1m wFlw:small yellow SpringSand,Loam,Clay,Moist
Melaleuca lanceolata Dryland Tea-treeShrub or tree 1-8m hFlw:white-cream Jan to SepSand,Loam,Clay,CoastalSalt tolerant
Melaleuca lateriflora Shrub or tree 1-8m hFlw:white-cream Sep to Dec or Jan to FebSand,Clay,Shade,MoistTolerates saline areas
Melaleuca laterita Robin Redbreast BushShrub 1-2.5m h x 1-2m wFlw:red - orange bottlebrush Sep - AprSand,Loam,Clay,Moist
Melaleuca leiocarpa Pungent Honey MyrtleErect, spreading shrub 1-5m hFlw:Yellow-cream Aug - OctSand,Gravel
Melaleuca linariifolia Snow in SummerTree 10m hFlw:White Sep - JanSand,Coastal,Moist,Adaptable
Melaleuca nesophila Showy Honey-myrtle or Pink MelaleucaShrub 3-5m h x 3-5m wFlw:pink-purple Sep to JanSand,AdaptableHARDY SCREENING PLANT.
Melaleuca nesophila Little Nessie Shrub 1.2m h x 1m wFlw:Pink-Purple Sep to JanAdaptableA selected small form which grows dense. Makes a good hedge. It has pinkish-mauve pom-pom flowers which appear late spring to early summer.
Melaleuca pauciflora Dense. rounded shrub 0.5-1.5m hFlw:white/cream Dec or Jan to MarSand,Moist
Melaleuca pauperiflora Small tree or shrub 0.5-7.6m hFlw:white/cream Sep to DecSand,Gravel,Clay
Melaleuca pentagona var pentagona Shrub 0.3-1.5m hFlw:pink-purple Sep to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Moist,Adaptable
Melaleuca preissiana Shrub or tree 2-9m hFlw:yellow-cream-white Nov to FebSand,Moist
Melaleuca quinquinervia Broad Leaf paperbarkTree 10-20m hFlw:redSand,Loam,Gravel,ClayThe leaves make an aromatic lemon-flavoured tasty tea. The flowers can be dipped in water to make a sweet drink.
Melaleuca radula Graceful Honey-myrtleShrub 0.3-2.4m h x 2m wFlw:pink-purple/white Jul to NovSand,Gravel
Melaleuca scabra Rough Honey-myrtleShrub 0.2-1.5m h x 1m wFlw:pink-red-purple Jan or Apr or Aug to DecSand,Clay,Adaptable
Melaleuca spathulata Erect shrub 0.2-2m hFlw:pink-purple-red. Sep to DecSand,Gravel,Clay,Moist
Melaleuca steedmanii Open shrub 1-1.5m hFlw:Showy red Winter and SpringSand,Sun
Melaleuca styphelioides Prickly PaperbarkTree 30m hFlw:Cream-white SummerMoist,Adaptabledon’t propergate
Melaleuca subtrigona Erect Shrub 0.3-1.6m h x 1m wFlw:Pink-Purple-Red Sep - DecSand,Clay,Adaptable
Melaleuca teretifolia Marsh Honey MyrtleShrub or tree 1-5m hFlw:white/cream/pink Oct to Dec or Jan or Mar.Sand,Clay,Coastal,Moist
Melaleuca thymoides Shrub. 0.4-2m h x 1-2m wFlw:cream-yellow Sep to Dec or JanSand,Gravel,Moist
Melaleuca trichophylla Straggly or rounded shrub 0.15-1m hFlw:pink-purple Aug to DecSand,Gravel,CoastalA small shrub which is very adaptable with masses of pink pom-pom flowers in spring. It would be a good addition to most gardens particularly if it is clumped in groups of three.
Melaleuca tuberculata var tuberculata Low spreading shrub 0.4-1m hFlw:Pink July - NovSand,Loam,Gravel,Adaptable
Melaleuca uncinata BroombushShrub or tree 0.5-5m hFlw:white-cream-yellow Feb to Mar/ Jul to DecSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,Moist
Melaleuca violacea Straggly shrub 0.1-1m hFlw:purple Jul or Oct to NovSand,Gravel,Clay,CoastalA very attractive edging, small garden or rockery plant. Grows well in a pot in a courtyard or patio.
Melaleuca zeteticorum Erect 3m hSand,Gravel,Coastal
Myoporum insulare Coastal BoobiallaDense. Shrub 0.25-5m h x 2-8m wFlw:white Jul to FebSand,CoastalAn excellent screen or windbreak for inland or coastal areas. It will effectively form a barrier against salt spray and the wind. Fleshy fruits are clustered on a short length of stem several centimetres behind the apex; when ripe they are purple, rounded but slightly flattened, about 6mm across. The fruits are juicy and sweet to eat raw, but have an aroma which is not entirely pleasant; some people find them rather salty and bitter. There is a small hard seed in the centre.
Myoporum parvifolium FINE LEAF form Groundcover 1.5-4m wFlw:whiteShade,AdaptableFast growing
Myoporum parvifolium pink form Groundcover 0.2m h x 1.5-5m wFlw:Pink Spring SummerShade,Adaptable
Myoporum parvifolium purple leaf form Groundcover 0.1m h x 1.5-5m wFlw:White Spring-Summer Fol:PurpleShade,Adaptable
Olearia axillaris Coast Daisy BushErect. much-branched shrub 0.5-3m hFlw:white-cream-yellow Jan to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Coastal
Olearia lanuginosa Ghost TownShrub 0.35m h x 1.5m wFlw:Small Mauve Spring Fol:Silver/greySand,Adaptable
Orthrosanthus multiflorus grass like 0.6m hFlw:Purple-Blue Spring-SummerSand,Loam,Clay,Moist,Adaptable
Paraserianthes lophantha Shrub or tree 1-10m hFlw:yellow/green-yellow Apr to OctSand,Gravel,Moist
Patersonia occidentalis Long Purple FlagRhizomatous. tufted perennial. Herb 1.5m hFlw:purple Aug to JanSand,Loam,Clay,Coastal,Moist,AdaptableA long - flowering species that makes an excellent addition to the rockery or as a container plant.
Petrophile longifolia Prostrate. non-lignotuberous shrub 0.15-0.5m hFlw:yellow-cream-white/cream-pink Jul to MarSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay
Phebalium squamulosum Low shrub 1m h x 1m wFlw:Bright yellow Oct-Nov Fol:Glossy dark greenSand,Loam
Philotheca verrucosa Fairy Wax FlowerShrub 0.3-1.5m h x 0.3-1m wFlw:Pink/whiteSand,Loam,Shade,Sun
Pimelea ferruginea Rice-flower.Erect dense shrub 0.3-1.5m hFlw:pink Aug to Dec or Jan to FebSand,Coastal,Shade
Prostanthera baxteri var. sericea Erect or spreading shrub. 0.3-0.5m hFlw:lilac SpringSand,Gravel,Adaptable
Ptilotus drummondii Perennial. Herb 0.05-0.8m hFlw:white-cream-pink Mar or May or Jul to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay
Pultenaea reticulata Erect shrub 0.5-2m hFlw:yellow/orange & red/brown Aug to DecSand,Moist
Regelia ciliata Erect shrub 0.8-2m hFlw:pink-purple Jan to Dec (mainly 11-2)Sand,MoistVERY WATERWISE.
Regelia velutina Barrens RegeliaShrub or tree 1-6m hFlw:red Sep to Nov or FebSand
Ricinocarpos tuberculatus Wedding bushErect shrub 0.5-3m hFlw:white Sep to OctSand,Coastal
Rytidosperma caespitosa Perennial tufted grass Flw:Green spiklets. Oct-Jan Fol:Strappy leaves.Shade,AdaptableNative pasture grass.
Very variable.
Scaevola aemula AlbaWhite Fairy Fan Flowergroundcover 0.15m h x 0.5m wFlw:White SummerSand,Loam,GravelKeep moist in Summer
Scaevola aemula Mauve ClustersFairy Fan FlowerDense groundcover Flw:Masses small mauve flowers. Nearly all year.Sand,Loam,Gravel
Scaevola aemula Pink flowering form Groundcover 0.15m h x 0.5m wFlw:Pink Aug to MarAdaptableKeep moist during Summer
Scaevola calliptera Prostrate to ascending perennial. Herb 0.1-0.4m hFlw:blue-purple Sep to Dec or JanSand,GravelGROW IN A WELL DRAINED SOIL.
Scaevola globulifera Spreading. procumbent to ascending shrub 0.2-1.2m hFlw:blue-white Aug to DecSand,Coastal
Scaevola porocarya Shrub 0.2-1.5m hFlw:Blue/White Winter - Spring. Fol:Large, bright green.Clay,Coastal,Moist
Schoenoplectus validus River Club-rushRhizomatous. robust perennial. grass-like or herb (sedge) 0.8-2m h x 1.5-3m wFlw:brown Oct to Dec or Jan to FebCoastal,Moist
Syzygium australe Hinterland GoldOval shape. 5-6m hFlw:White Summer Fol:Copper hue in new growthAdaptable
Syzygium australe Happy HedgeScrub Cherry, Creek LillypillySmall bush tree 3m h x 1.5m wFlw:pink/white WinterAdaptableThis shrub can bear an abundance of bright pink or red palatable fruit, generally longer than broad and up to 2.3 cm long. The rounded seed is easily removed and can be eaten raw and the tart pulb can be used to make an excellent jam.
Templetonia retusa Cockies TongueMuch-branched shrub 0.3-4m hFlw:red/white-yellow Apr to NovSand,Gravel,Clay,Coastal,ShadeBird attracting, salt-tolerant, prefers a sunny well drained position. It can be grown in an exposed seaside garden and will withstand periods of dryness.

It contains alkaloids, and these are likely harmful, but depending on concentration. Reference: Cannon JR, Williams JR, Arbain D, Brossi A, Blount JF, Raston CL, Skelton BW and White AH 1991 Alkaloids of Templetonia retusa. chemistry, structure and absolute configuration of (-)-templetine. Aust. J. Chem. 44:509-523.
Anthocercis species, being Solanaceae, also contain alkaloids, and are definitely poisionous.
As a rule, if some plants in WA look palatable and attractive to munch, they are likely poisonous.
Themeda triandra australisKangaroo GrassTufted perennial. grass-like or herb 0.3-2m hFlw:red-brown/purple Jan to DecAdaptableEDIBLE SEEDS.
Thomasia purpurea Erect. slender shrub 0.3-1.2m hFlw:pink-purple Apr to Jun or Aug to DecSand,Loam,Coastal,Shade,Moist,Sun,Adaptable
Thryptomene baeckeacea prostrate form Low Shrub 2m wSand,Coastal
Thryptomene hyporhytis Spreading shrub 0.2-0.7m hFlw:pink-white Jun to OctSand,Gravel,Clay
Thryptomene saxicola Rock ThryptomeneSpreading shrub 0.3-1.5m hFlw:white/pink Feb to NovSand,Loam,Gravel,ClayFAST GROWING.
Thryptomene sp. Jurien Low spreading shrub 0.6m h x 1m wFlw:Pink WinterAdaptable
Thryptomene stapfii Low Spreading shrub Flw:PinkAdaptableThis is a PRIORITY THREE Species.
Thryptomene striata Compact Shrub 1m hFlw:Pink/purple SepSand,LoamDeclared rare - Priority Two
Declared rare - Priority Two
Verticordia acerosa Feather FlowerOpen shrub 0.2-1m hFlw:yellow/orange-red-brown Aug to Nov
Verticordia chrysantha Shrub 0.3-1m hFlw:yellow Aug to Dec or JanSand,Gravel
Verticordia densiflora Erect to spreading shrub 0.25-2m hFlw:pink-purple-white/cream-yellow Sep to FebLoam,Gravel,Clay,Moist
Verticordia endlicheriana var angustifolia Erect shrub 0.3-0.5m hFlw:yellow Oct to Nov Fol:Rich Green.Gravel,Clay,Shade,SunORNAMENTAL PLANT.
Verticordia halophila Salt Loving FeatherflowerSmall shrub 30-70m h x 30-70m wFlw:Pink with white fringe September to DecemberSand,Clay
Verticordia longistylis Spreading shrub 0.05-0.7m hFlw:yellow & red/purple Dec or Jan to JulSand,Loam,Gravel,Adaptable
Verticordia plumosa Plumed Feather FlowerShrub 0.2-1.5m hFlw:pink-blue-purple-red-white Jul to Dec or Jan to FebSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Moist
Verticordia plumosa var pleibotrya Shrub 0.2-1.5m hFlw:pink-blue-purplered-white Jul-DecSand,Clay,Adaptable
Westringia dampieri Dense shrub 0.2-1.5m hFlw:white Jun to JanSand,Coastal,Shade,Sun
Westringia fruticosa SmokeyShrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:White SpringSand,Loam,AdaptableAn excellent fast growing screen or hedge in coastal gardens, that requires minimal maintenance.
Westringia Lilac and Lace Shrub 1.5m h x 1.5m wFlw:Lilac Winter-SummerSand,Loam,Gravel,Clay,Adaptable
Westringia Poorinda Parvane Shrub 2.5m h x 2m wFlw:pale violet Nove-DecAdaptable
Xanthorrhoea preissii Grass TreeTree like monocot 5m h x 2m wFlw:white-cream on long spike June to DecSand,Loam,Gravel,Coastal,MoistVery slow growing - trunk 10+ years per cm
Black Cockatoo : Good food source
Gum from thye flowering spikes can be made into cakes. The flowers can be dipped in water to make a sweet drink. Bhardi grubs can be collected from dying plants.
Xylomelum occidentale Forest Woody PearTree or shrub 2-8m hFlw:cream-white Dec or Jan to FebSand,CoastalINTERESTING SMALL TREE.